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The Ultimate Guide to Write Dissertation Chapters

Did your college or university assign a fantastic topic to write a dissertation on it for academic submission? Have you found your relevant thesis statement? Most of the students face difficulties while writing a dissertation, and it affects their degrees severely. When you are assigned such type of work for the first time, you are very much confused about the structure of the dissertation and thesis statement. But no worries in this blog, we have presented an overall review of the main five chapters of a dissertation. If one of the chapters from these five chapters is missing, your dissertation will be considered incomplete. It may look very difficult to write a dissertation, but you can get our valuable help if you want to impress your teacher.

Students are very smart and hard workers, but we are well aware of the difficulties they may face in writing the whole dissertation. If at any step you get stuck and want some expert help then feel free to ask our writers, we will surely help you in finishing your dissertation.

However, if you want to write your dissertation on your own, this blog post will help you a lot in understanding the structure and needs of a dissertation.

Preliminary Work before Starting a Dissertation

When you decide to write a dissertation, set out an outline for every section and chapter to get an idea about what you are going to write in each section. Remain centred on your idea, do not add unnecessary information. Write all the information in a logical sense, so that the reader is impressed by your dissertation. Go and grab maximum, more in-depth knowledge of the topic and subject on which you are going to write; it will enhance readers’ interest in your dissertation.

Five Chapters of a Dissertation

As described earlier, each dissertation is incomplete; if one of the chapters is missed in it, you may face a significant loss. While a traditional dissertation consists of mainly five chapters, each of them is explained below to make it easy for you when you go for dissertation writing. By viewing these explanations, you can easily write a dissertation in a more effective way making this complex academic project easier.

What is the Introduction?

The introduction is the most important chapter of a dissertation; write it in an impressive way, so that the reader is compelled to read your whole dissertation. In this section, you introduce your topic and explain the importance of your selected topic. It explains how you selected a topic and studied the whole information, explaining your objective of writing. Your opening paragraph should be written in a way to grab the attention of the audience. You can say it is the summary of your whole dissertation, and the reader understands your point of view from here.

How to write a literature review?

This chapter is a crucial part of your dissertation and requires specialised skills to complete it properly. It includes the analysis of framework and research work, which is carried out on your topic till present, all the available and necessary information regarding your topic is critically analysed. One having powerful analytical skills can complete it in a perfect way. This chapter of the dissertation shows your knowledge about the specified topic and field, you’re understanding of the relevant literature and profound analysis work. The purpose is to justify all the research work carried out to your topic; a dissertation without reviews is not approved completed.


When you collect data and information to complete your dissertation, you follow a proper method, way or source. These methods are clearly mentioned in this section, so that the reader is satisfied with your information. You can take it as the core of your dissertation, and if you are failed to mention your research methodology, the reader will not entertain your dissertation. Remember, small mistakes in this chapter can invalidate your research findings, and you may face a loss of grades. Start this section with a clear explanation of all the methods you have used to collect data and information for this dissertation. Make everything clear to the reader, mention the reasons to choose your desired methodology also. It will impact well on the reader.

Result Findings and Results

It is the most important chapter of your dissertation, and it includes information about your research findings and results of your specific topic. Mostly it contains the following things:

  • Discussions about your topic
  • Final results
  • Analysis of results
  • A sub-conclusion to your explanations

In this section of the dissertation, write all results in a simple way so that there is no complexity for the reader to understand your results. If needed, use tables and figures to empower your results, you can use experimental results that are scientifically qualified over the world. It is better to divide this portion into subcategories so that the reader’s attention and interest are not tangled. Mention the facts in a simple way to make your dissertation cumulative and logical.


It is the ending chapter of your dissertation, and it ties up all the information mentioned above in a compact way. It explains to the reader what you have discovered in your topic’s research work and what you are trying to convey. Write a brief overview of your research, findings, and make conclusions accordingly. Never add any further information that is not mentioned before. Support your thesis statement by making the conclusion that is in favour of your statement, but remains concise to the topic.

Some other Chapters of a Dissertation

Above-mentioned are the main chapters of a dissertation, while there are some other minor chapters which impart in completion and proper formatting of a dissertation. A detailed overview is explained below:

  • An abstract: It is a compact and brief summary of your dissertation, and it describes the important findings and conclusions in a short way. Always try to end out your abstract with keywords, so that the reader is understood what he is going to read about
  • Acknowledgments: It is the part of the dissertation to acknowledge or thank someone who helped you in the completion of your dissertation. Research work is very hard to carry out without the help of professionals and institutions. You can acknowledge your supervisor in this section. However, it is a matter of choice
  • Table of Contents: This chapter ensures that all the references and wording headings are correctly written in your dissertation. It includes the page numbers, sections, and chapters of a dissertation
  • Bibliography: It is a list of all the sources you have used in your dissertation and their reference, always writing in a small way

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