Refund Policy

A refund policy by our company is a courtesy service for our customers if we are unable to satisfy our customers, or we leave some gaps in our work. We acknowledge due to some blunders and mismanagement there can be some gaps left in work because of which our customers demand a refund. Hence, we are fully ready to repay them with the help of our refund policy. You should read all instructions for refund policies of our company before placing an order with us.

    1. Your payment has not been proceeded further due to double payment issues, receipt problems and order is incomplete. Then our company will be surely refunding your amount in 7 to 8 working days
    2. We always have plenty of writers to assign your work. If there is no writer available for taking your order in the rare case, then we will return your amount fully
    3. If the original work contains more than 10% plagiarism or any copyright strike you face due to our work, then we will refund your amount according to our policy
    4. If you want a refund before the writer starts the work, then there will be little fees for cancellation of the order. But if the writer has done some fraction of your order, and you cancel the order, then the writer will have the right to charge for work he has done plus the cancellation fees will be cut down from total payment of you
    5. If our writers completely ignore our requirements which you write in order, then we will be obliged to return your payment if you ask for order cancellation after reviewing your instructions and work provided by our writers
    6. If we somehow miss the deadline given by you for more than 24 hours, then we will repay your amount.