Privacy Policy

Our company promises full confidentiality for your personal information and data. Our system has established struct instructions for processing your order and money to ensure 100% privacy for our customers.

Our AIM of the Privacy Policy

It is our utmost effort to design our policies to facilitate our customers to the maximum extent. We want everyone to acknowledge our privacy policies, so we have made them fully robust and following the company main goal of providing full secrecy to the personal lives of our beloved clients. We guarantee our primary aims will be focused on the provision of all our useful services for you by giving better and excellent secrecy policies to you.

The privacy policy will give you an insight into our secure system that how we save and use your private data for only order placement. Read our features of the privacy policy to get more secured and satisfied with our system.

Significant Note

First read all the instructions on our site for your privacy before giving us your private info or placing an order with us

  • Data Assortment: Company will collect data from you on the basis of the type of service you want, and please have a look at more following ways of our data collection and usage for your order
    • Data for Contact with Customers: We demand the only full name of the client, the email, mobile number to have direct contact with the writer to get a regular update for his work and asking any changes at the time of working being done by the writer and address of the client
  • Processing of Your Data: Have a glimpse on processing on your data for different legal purposes
    • Order Accomplishment: All your data is strictly utilised to recognise client identity, and order completion is our prime purpose of utilising your personal information
    • Updates and Promotion: After you agree on our privacy policies, we always send promotional messages and updates of our services. Customer is well updated about all our discount, new packages, products and service by marketing by our company through personal information provided by the customer
    • Customer Support: The customer has facilitated with our round the cloud support service by using his personal information to reply to him for his queries and questions
    • Delivery of Customer Order: Client final order is delivered as per his instructions. If he wants his order in his mailbox, then he is obliged to give his email to us
    • For Legal Issues: The company has full rights to utilise your recognition for legal disputes. We can disclose your identity when there is a need of settling down judicial problems or to safeguarding the rights of the company
    • Your Payment Info: We will only save information about how the client purchases our product and services, history of payments when payments are made to facilitate customers and to save a record of previous payments
  • Partialities: The company has the rights to ask your preferred way of communication with it and what are your preferences related to the company and how the company can exchange data with you easily
  • Information that is Collected When You Visit Our Site: When a customer pays a visit to the site of the company, the company automatically gets access to some personal information of clients. The information involves the location of the device, URL used, login and time of login, services searched, history of search, IP address, number of results shown by site, browser type used, and any links or references helped customers getting access to our website. There are no risks in such data collection as it is collected automatically by our company to identify the preferences of customers. Moreover, it assists us in making our services more easily approachable for our customers
  • For How Long We Store Your Information: We only keep your data in our personal records until there is need for order replacement, resolving problems with your work, delivery of your work or service, legal issues, and securing you from cheats or frauds. We have made a restricted data storing site for keeping your personalised information so that a third party cannot access that site.
    After the specific duration of three months or more, your data is discarded safely by the company due to privacy concerns.