Persuasive Essay Topics

Persuasive Essay Topics

Persuasive Essay Topics

Like every argumentative essay, a persuasive essay requires you to discuss your point of view and convince readers that you have a credible argument. In order to convince readers, you have to provide facts and figures that support your stance. But unlike an argumentative essay, you do not have to attack the alternate view rather than discuss and support your view. In other words, you have to make readers believe that you are an advocate, not an opponent.

What is a persuasive essay?

In a persuasive essay, you try to persuade readers to concur with your perspective on an argument. For instance, an essay on Italian arts during the renaissance can not be called a persuasive essay because it does not contain an argument. However, discussing that renaissance is when Italian art reached its peak can be the topic for a persuasive essay because you try to convince readers to agree with your argument.

A persuasive essay is a subtype of an argumentative essay, but there is little difference between them. You choose the balanced approach in an argumentative essay, while in a persuasive essay, you pick one side and provide evidence to prove it right. The argumentative essay is mainly based on facts and figures, but the persuasive essay also includes your personal opinion.

How to write a persuasive essay?

It is consist of the following sections.

  • Introduction

It is the initial section of your persuasive essay. It consists of a hook that is utilized to catch the audience’s attention. It also contains your main argument and thesis statement, which you will further discuss in the body section. The last two sentences of your introduction contain a thesis statement. The main part of the introduction sums up what you will be discussing in your essay.

  • Body

This section is the core of your essay. It usually consists of four to six paragraphs depending on your arguments’ length. Every passage discusses one issue and information to support your arguments. The body also contains the following sections.

  • Reasons why you believe your side

A persuasive essay is all about arguments; if you choose one side, you must reason why you pick that specific side. And all the main points have their paragraph inside the body in which you will explain your reason for choosing your side.

  • Evidence that supports your argument

In all the body paragraphs containing your main points, you will need the evidence to back up your arguments. You have to state facts and figures regarding your stance. Even though the author’s opinion is allowed in a persuasive essay, you will still need statistics and facts to support your opinion. A concrete example will make your argument strong.

  • Conclusion

It is the last paragraph of your essay. The conclusion is simply the summary of your whole essay. You will recap everything that you discuss in your essay. Here you will sum up all points and associate them with your thesis statement. It is utilized as a last appeal to convince your readers.

List of persuasive essay topics

Suppose you are searching for a topic for your persuasive essay. Here is the list of 50 persuasive essay topics divided into different categories.

  • Education topics
  1. Should cursive writing be taught in schools?
  2. Music class and PE class: which one is more important?
  3. Should students learn sex education in schools?
  4. Are standardized tests an accurate way to measure the intelligence of children?
  5. How to solve the bullying problem in schools?
  6. Does homework help or hinder students?
  7. Should public universities be free for all students?
  8. How to solve the cheating problem in schools?
  9. Should students learn sign language rather than foreign language in schools?
  10. Should the ranking system be abolished in schools?
  • Economic topics
  1. Should people with higher salaries pay more taxes?
  2. Is bad leadership is the major reason for bankruptcy?
  3. Should there be a ban on social media in offices?
  4. Does outsourcing affect the economy of the country?
  5. Should the debts of developing nations be canceled?
  6. Should student loans be forgiven for college graduates?
  7. Should financial education be compulsory in high school?
  8. Should restaurants increase staff wages and abolish tipping?
  9. Does the world bank take effective measures against poverty?
  10. Are social media considered the biggest market?
  • Nutrition and health
  1. Vegetarian and meat-eater: which one is healthier.
  2. Should fast food contain warnings like cigarettes?
  3. Can financial debt cause depression?
  4. Can video games lead to mental problems in children?
  5. Is the keto diet work effectively for weight loss?
  6. Should vaccines be mandatory for all students in schools?
  7. Does co-education cause teen pregnancy?
  8. What is the reason for anxiety in teenagers?
  9. How to reduce the spread of Ebola?
  10. Can music relieve the pain?
  • Arts and culture
  1. Should music instruments be taught in schools?
  2. Are harry potter books overrated?
  3. Can music provide relief to mental problems?
  4. Does the game of thrones ending do justice to the whole series?
  5. How do attract more people to visit museums?
  6. Should offensive language be banned in music?
  7. Do libraries become obsolete with the rise of e-reading?
  8. Should students get an option to pick music or art class instead of PE class?
  9. Does the current education system kill creativity in students?
  10. Should graffiti be considered art?
  • Government and politics
  1. Should the minimum voting age be raised or lowered?
  2. Were China’s one-child policy had negative or positive effects on the country?
  3. Should there be strict regulations on business by the government?
  4. Do politicians utilize social media to manipulate the public?
  5. Which one is better, capitalism or communism?
  6. Should health facilities be provided free of cost?
  7. What steps should the government take to protect freedom of speech?
  8. Should the government allow immigration?
  9. Which one is more important national security or public privacy?
  10. What are effective measures the government is taking to reduce homelessness?

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