Online Essays Help Writers

Online Essays Help Writers

Facilitating our clients to attain their academic and professional goals is at the heart of our services, and we take pride in our achievements and growth over the last couple of years. But whatever we have achieved would not have been possible without the contribution of our highly skilled and responsible team of expert essay writers. Diversity is our key to success as our writing team belongs to all over the globe and having diverse educational backgrounds such as Law, Business studies, Nursing, Art and design and many more. Each writer has been selected not only based on his/her educational qualifications, but also writing skills, adaptability, language proficiency, and experience in professional academic writing. But above all, we are committed to selecting only those who have a certain level of eagerness to learn and discover new information which helps us in ensuring creativity and innovation in our content.

How Our Writers are Hired

The first step of staying committed to excellent quality is to hire the most suitable writers followed by training. Instead of wasting time on training incapable staff, we have adopted a proactive approach under which we are taking our hiring process very seriously in order to select the best out of the best professional essay writers for each field. Each candidate willing to work for us has to pass all the following step:

  1. Tests and samples
  2. Face to face/Skype interview
  3. 45 days Probation period

Each of the candidate has to pass out 2 tests  which judge a writer’s academic capabilities, command over grammar, language proficiency and technical aspects of academic writing such as adaptability to different formats, layouts referencing styles such as Harvard, MLA, APA, Chicago etc. Only after getting good scores at both of the tests can a writer proceed to our next step of hiring process which is an interview. The focus of conducting the interview is to evaluate the personal qualities of a writer and this interview takes place either at our office or via skype in case of freelance writers. Moving forward, even after clearing the interview the candidates have to complete their probation which is a very important part of our hiring process. It is a time span of 45 days in which the candidate handles the writing tasks under the supervision of our experts who verify and check all the writing pieces produced by the writer and give feedback about its quality.

Our Writers are well-supervised

In order to ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of our work process we divide our writers into different groups as per their academic qualification and specialisation. Even after passing all hiring stages, each writer is supervised by our team leaders having years of experience in the field of academic writing. When our clients leave the writer selection on us, our team leaders evaluate to whom the writing task should be assigned based on the task’s deadline, level of complexity and writer’s qualification and skills to meet all the requirements in the most efficient and quality manner. To facilitate the smooth work flow, Online Essay writers have access to internal forums from where they can get assistance and guidance from our PhD scholars in case of any confusion or complex orders and proceed by following the expert advice.

You are Welcome to Choose a Writer

Once an order is placed, we evaluate the level of complexity of a task and match the available writers skills and capabilities and assign the order to the most suitable writer. But if you are uncertain about how well the writer will meet your expectations, then you can demand samples of writing by our writers or check their academic and professional profiles to make the final decision on your own. In case of a very complex task and high stakes, you can also place a free inquiry, and we can help you in choosing the best writer from our trained team.

Training and Continuous Evaluation

In order to ensure adaptability to the new academic standards and rising expectations from the students, we keep on monitoring and training our writers. We have adopted some very effective professional development programs which are aimed at polishing these skills of our writers no matter they are subject specialist or PhD scholars because we want growth and continuous development of all writers to improve outcomes of orders placed for all educational levels. We are not only training the writers on an ongoing basis, but are also evaluating how well they are learning new skills and how effectively professional development programs are strengthening their existing capabilities. This monitoring process is based on tests where writers have to prove their proficiency in language, professional qualification, research capabilities and technical aspects of academic writing. Such training and evaluation processes have helped us in maintaining the top-quality standards which are directly contributing to our customers satisfaction.