How to Write a Persuasive Essay

How to Write a Persuasive Essay

An essay is a small piece of writing describing any specific topic, it also includes the author’s point of view about it, or sometimes it is about some stories which the writer want and think that a reader should know. At the academic level, persuasive essays are used to know how many students have learnt about any topic. Essays have always played an important part in every student’s life. An essay is one of the best ways of judging someone’s especially student’s knowledge, creative writing skills and critical thinking abilities.

There are many types of essays. The four main types include narrative essay, descriptive essay, expository essay and persuasive essay. Every different type has its different characteristic, but now we are going to discuss what persuasive essay is? How to write it? And what are the different things and tips which you should keep in your mind while writing a persuasive essay?

In these types of essay, the writer tries to agree with a reader to believe in a certain idea by giving some evidence and arguments. Writing a persuasive essay is not a difficult task if you follow the guidelines accurately. Even though you need help for writing your persuasive essay, our writers are always there to assist you in writing your persuasive essay, just avail our essay writing service very cheap but high-quality always.

While writing a persuasive essay, you must keep in your mind a few things.


For writing a persuasive essay, the first and most initial step is to select a topic and then collect information about it. Research it and do a deep study of that topic. Search about that topic in books and on the internet. The more you research and find information about it, the more you learn and know about the topic, and it would be easier for you to explain your thoughts in the best manner to the readers.

Making Outline

Outline how you are going to present your argument? How will you use your research? What are your counterpoints? And also prepare a draft before writing your essay. Outlining will help you do complete your work in the best and proper manner.

Collecting Evidence

Collect the evidence that supports your thoughts and ideas because the evidence is the best way to convince anybody. To show the worth of your statement, try to support it with genuine and veritable evidence. Discuss it with people and know their thoughts about it.


Try to add some original data based on fact and figure if needed, as facts and figures are also helpful for letting someone think about what you are saying. For example, if you say that Coronavirus is increasing most of the people will ignore you but if you will say Coronavirus is increasing again, seven hundred new cases reported in the past twenty-four hours and thirty-two people died because of it. These numbers and figures just rapidly the weightage of your sentence and has become more convincing, and attention was seeking for the people.


Refutation is one of the main parts of persuasive and then countering them with essay. In refutation, you just prove the thoughts and those point of views wrong which opposes your perspective. You counter those points with your evidence, proves and words. In this way, you directly hit your target audience by first giving their own thoughts which are opposing argument for you and then proving them wrong and countering that argument by your evidence, and finally you drive a conclusion which supports your thinking. This is actually a skill how you introduce an argument then rebuild arguments and finally prove your argument right or true.


Pathos is a primary way of perusing people. In this, you convince people emotionally. You made your audience or reader emotional and gave rise to their feeling and made them think of your point of view and convince them that you are right. Convening emotionally is the most effective way. You can use some emotional stories, personal experience, humorous jokes or some motivational and inspirational quotes to convince your audience. Emotions play as the strongest part to counter someone’s opinion about anything as emotions let you think of the things you thought to think about.


Logos are also one of the powerful ways to convince people. In logos, you present some reasonable logic to persuade people. We can also call them as “logical appeals” to convince people. In logos, you observe that which things made sense for your audience and then uses that to build your own argument. In logos, you can give references to case studies, statistics, metaphors and can compare things as well.


Ethos is one of the modes of appealing along with pathos and logos. It is the basic skill or characteristic which you must have for writing a persuasive essay or to persuade people. In ethos, you convince your audience by your words. Your words must have that power which can convince someone to think about your perspective and arguments. Your words must have that tone and style. For this, your effective communication skill, your qualification, your track record, your credibility, and reputation play a vital role as people will never listen to someone who lies about anything or in any situation or whose resources are untrustworthy or whose facts and figures are wrong. And the most important thing no one will read your writing if you don’t know how to communicate with people and how to interact with them.

Wrapping Up

The last and final step is driving the conclusion. After presenting all your arguments, logics, facts, evidence and experiences which support your arguments and point of view in the last paragraph of your essay, you share your final thoughts in the light of all the above debate.

The persuasive essay writing is, no doubt, is a skilful task where your skills and effective communicating skills are examined. Because to convince someone and proving their beliefs and thoughts wrong is not an easy task, you must have those qualities and knowledge also because their emotions are involved in it. Although you are also trying to convince them emotionally if you are not good and skilled in it, it can also go wrong. So, you must be careful while presenting your point. You must be aware of the things and conditions which could go wrong or will create a problem for you.

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