How to Become an Educational Specialist

How to Become an Educational Specialist

Educational specialist refers with (EdS) Specialist in Education degree. It is a graduate degree that is behind the degree level of a Master’s. The people working already in the field of education also earn this degree to advance their careers like curriculum director, principal, or school office administrator. If people are completing their EdS programs, they can also become school psychologists, but they require a license for this career. Most of these people are working for the whole year instead of those teachers that enjoy summer vacations for many months.

However, the path of earning an EdS degree involves getting a bachelor’s degree, getting teacher certification, and obtaining the best work experience after completing the degree program of Master. EdS programs offer a lot of different areas of specialization. So students can get an education in which they have their career goals.

These specializations include:

  • School psychology
  • Instruction and curriculum
  • Technical college education
  • Reading education
  • Educational leadership
  • Counseling
  • Adult education
  • Community college education

Every education specialist should need to become creative or be patient, communicate very well. Educational specialists with better skills also earn the best average salary every year. Essay Writing Service and other platforms give warm welcome to the educational specialists as well. Moreover, most people are looking for how they can become better educational specialists. They don’t need to be worried because this article discussed some best steps in detail. These steps will help all those people that want to become education specialists. So by following these steps every one that has the ability can achieve this degree.

These steps are:

  1. Get a Bachelor’s Degree
  2. Getting teacher certification
  3. Obtain work experience
  4. Obtain a Master’s teaching degree
  5. Finish an EdS program
  6. Get license
  7. Continue education to advance the career


Get a Bachelor’s Degree

In the first step, people need to obtain a bachelor’s degree in the subject of education. The majors subject in early education, then elementary or secondary school, or in special education. If students pay their full time to their degree, they will complete their degree after four years. Or their classes will include teaching methods, classroom management, or educational psychology. Most of the programs require teaching internships for students to complete their graduate degrees. Or the people that have an interest in becoming school psychologists should choose psychology as their major. Or, after a bachelor’s degree, they can join the EdS program. Or, in EdS programs, they require some psychology courses.

Getting teacher certification

All public school states require teachers to be licensed. Most of the EdS programs require people to having valid teaching licenses of state. Getting a license is commonly called certification. With a bachelor’s degree, applicants also require field experience like classroom teaching. The students can also pass the licensing exams of state, including tests of teaching ability, literacy test, or subject knowledge. The people of the states also had some additional requirements. If we want more descriptions about teacher certification requirements as an applicant, they can contact the board of education of the state. It means that teaching certification is also necessary to having EdS programs.

Obtain work experience        

Most educational specialist programs require from applicants extracurricular and professional experience of five years. in EdS programs, the educational leadership requests full-time teaching experience of three years. Moreover, teaching experience is also important to get a better educational specialist position. By obtaining work experience, applicants can join EdS programs. The teachers in the teaching profession have a better chance to join EdS degree programs or strengthen their position.

Obtain a Master’s teaching degree

If we have a master’s degree in the subject of education, then we can apply in educational leadership or curriculum development EdS programs. But to enroll in these programs, we require a current license or teaching experience. Or, if students want to enroll in these programs in the future, they need to focus more on the subjects like science, reading, field-based learning, or social studies. The programs may be completed in about two years but in full time. The summer courses are also important for these programs. Or the graduate applicants can get advanced licenses in teaching.  The classes are also applicable for applicants in educational psychology or special education.

Finish an EdS program

Common types are instruction and curriculum development, educational administrator or school psychology, or EdS programs. In some schools, reading education programs and adult education are also available. The students in curriculum development programs can select math, bilingual, science, or elementary education.

Curriculum development and educational leadership programs usually consist of less than 30 credit hours. However, the coursework includes education philosophy, curriculum evaluation, history of education, or educational research. The programs for school psychology are longer because they require more than 80 credit hours. Or the topics for this program necessary include counseling, academic intervention, or psycho-educational assessment. Moreover, for all EdS programs, the things required are internship, research project, or thesis. Mostly the EdS programs are preparing students to become school psychologists, superintendents, or principals certified by the state.

Furthermore, people should join professional organizations for these programs. There are also present best organization that provides people best programs. Or, if people choose to become a member of one of these organizations, they can take information about training opportunities and career trends. It will become easy for them to remain up-to-date with the latest information. Some schools are arranging on campus the chapters of these organizations. Schools will have a better chance for teachers to join this campus or to obtain these programs.

Get license

School teachers and administrators of public schools are licensed typically, while private schools do not have this license regulation. To join for EdS programs also should need to be licensed. The school psychologist also has the official credentials. They can get information about requirements that are specific to the state.

Continue education to advance your career.

The educational specialist should continue education courses and professional development to maintain their licensure. By taking educational classes, they will get more curriculum, new initiatives, or standards of their academic subjects. They also can become a part of a network that is creating professionals in specific fields.

However, these are the basic steps that we should need to follow to become an education specialist. Educational specialists are getting many career opportunities.