Five-Paragraph Essay

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First, you need to comprehend the essential parts which should be written in a five-paragraph essay. The guidelines for writing a five-paragraph essay can be helpful not only for the academic essay but also for exams. Students frequently get stuck while sequencing because they lack knowledge about the structure of a five-paragraph essay. You need to adopt a perfect structure for organising your information and content while keeping it systematised as per the standard structure of an ordinary five paragraph-essay. Although it might be sometime easier for students when they get guidance, yet students look for professionals to tackle this task for getting more grades or experience.

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Professional Way to Write Five-Paragraph Essay

There are three essential parts of an essay such as the introduction which is written in the first part and the body of the essay in the second part with three paragraphs and the conclusion in the last part of an essay with the last fifth paragraph. This sequence is followed by all students of professionals in ordinary type of essays. Still, sometimes, professors or tutors put different standards for essay writing which ought to be followed by the students. Students can fulfil these instructions in a better way by hiring professional help from us to get a custom five-paragraph essay writing UK.


First Paragraph: An Introduction

First, there is always an introduction to give a thesis statement in the beginning. The topic introduction is the most vital part because it will introduce the whole essay to the reader in the start to understand it. The topic should be introduced with a clear and concise manner to maintain the attention of the reader. Here are some tips on what to write in an introduction:

  • Write down the topic name, or question to tell the reader about what you are going to discuss. Try to manage in one or two sentences
  • Describe the significance of your topic to show the reader why are you going to write about it.
  • Be concise and summarised while describing the aims and objectives of the essay for giving a clear overview of the essay to the tutor

Other Three Paragraphs: The Main Body Part of the Essay

The second, third, fourth paragraphs are written in the second part, which includes the main body of essays. In the main body, details of the topic are written with arguments, facts, data and information which are also presented in a comprehensive way. It is best to follow a sequence in the second part of a five-paragraph essay.

  • The second paragraph should include a topic or question details with methodology in a detailed way
  • The Third paragraph should possess the argument or your viewpoints on the topic to support it
  • In the fourth paragraph, it is better to write facts, figures, information and evidence to back up your main argument

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Last or Fifth Paragraph: Conclusion

The last part includes the fifth paragraph to end the essay. In conclusion, there should be final results and findings of the essay. It must be concluding your essay with your final thoughts about what you have concluded after finally analysing the whole essay.

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