Expository and Argumentative Essay Differences

Expository and Argumentative Essay Differences

Expository Essay:

There are a number of types or genres of essays one of them is an expository essay. An expository essay is an essay in which the author selects a topic, research about it, investigate it, and find supporting evidence to present the argument clearly and concisely.

Argumentative Essay:

Another type of essay is an argumentative essay, which is also known as a persuasive essay. Most of the factors of an argumentative essay are the same as research, investigation, and evidence. But in an argumentative essay, comparatively more research is required than an expository essay, and they are lengthier.

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Differences between Expository and Argumentative Essays:


An argumentative essay is longer than an expository essay, as personal research and thesis are involved in this essay. An original argument is presented facts and evidence are presented to support it and convince people to believe it.

An expository essay is shorter than an argumentative essay. Mostly secondary data is used in it. They are not that long because no personal research is involving, and even a convincing factor is not that much involved or strong. These essays are precise and to the point.


Surveys are the most important and key element of the argumentative essay. As public opinion and interaction are the most important part of an argumentative essay, these things matter a lot in such essays. It would not be wrong if we call these surveys the backbone of the essay, without which the essay is incomplete.

But when we came to an expository essay, surveys do not matter. There is no need to do surveys, creating polls to know the opinion. Such things, which are the most important thing for argumentative essays, have no importance in an expository essay.


An argumentative essay needs a long time or comparatively more time than an expository essay because they need to complete long and objective research to convince people and counter the arguments against their opinion.

An expository essay does not need that much log time as an argumentative essay needs. They can be easily completed within two or three days because no time is taking and personal research is required in an expository essay.


The purpose of an argumentative essay is to convince people. The author’s opinion is supported by some evidence and logic to persuade people with the author’s opinion and make them believe in what the author wants them to. The basis of an argumentative essay is to present the author’s argument against something in a convincing way. An argumentative essay is subjective.

Whereas in an expository essay, the purpose is just to provide information. In these essays, things are explained or described in all the angles of the topic precisely in a neutral and objective manner rather than an argumentative essay where completely personal opinion is involved. An expository essay is an objective.


In an argumentative essay, the author’s main focus is to convince the reader and present the arguments and support it with research, logic, and quotes. It is a debatable claim.

The main focus of the expository essay is just providing the correct and objective information to the readers. The author just wants to give the information and facts concisely. They focus on what the reader wants to learn from this topic.

Assigned to:

An argumentative essay is usually assigned at a higher level to the students of masters or doctorate. This is because a persuasive or argumentative essay requires more skills, time and expertise as you have to work harder while writing an argumentative essay. It is comparatively harder than an expository essay.

An expository essay is mostly assigned to school and college students. They are beginners and at an initial level of learning. So, they learn how to convey the information to the readers? How to compare and contrast things related to the relevant topic? And so on.


In the argumentative essay, a long research process includes surveys, questionnaires, data, and interaction with people and drives a unique idea with that. You need the expertise of judging things and information. The more your own concepts are clear, the more you are able to convince your audience and deliver your message or argument to the reader effectively.

The sources of the research done for an expository essay include the internet, books and websites. They used the data already available. The research could be done from the perspective of the different researchers.

Outdoor Research:

Outdoor Research is necessary for argumentative essays. You have to collect data from the people, understand the way they thought and their perspectives on your essay topic, and last but not the least they should be well aware of the ground’s realities. It is compulsory to do outdoor research while writing an argumentative essay.

In an expository essay, there is no demand for outdoor research. You do not need to go and interact with people and collect data personally. You can do your research while sitting home using the internet and accessing different websites relevant to your topic.

Drawing Conclusion:

In an argumentative essay, it is necessary to again remind and redefine your argument’s topic and the most compelling evidence so that the reader would remember it and have the final thought that the author wants. It would be easier for them to make a final decision or result in your argument.

While writing an expository essay, you must remember not to introduce any kind of new information about the topic. At last, you have to conclude with the most interesting and informative thing and the fact you must have defined above. Just give the review of three to the four-line summary of what you have learned from the essay. It would be easier for the readers to remind and recap the things introduced and told in the essay.

Both may look the same and no doubt they have so many similarities, but there are a few factors and reasons which create a slight difference between them and made them distinct from each other. You must be careful while judging the expository and argumentative essay, but the major difference is persuading the audience or readers, which is the backbone of the argumentative essay, but the expository essay did not have this factor. Still confused then hiring a professional essay help UK will be very useful.