Argumentative Essay

It is a brief type of essay consisting of arguments and congruence reflecting both sides of an issue. It can be composed in two forms, the first form is to present both sides equally, and the other way is to present one side more forcefully than the other side. It all depends upon the type and need of a writer, also the nature of argumentative essay that what side is to be supported more. In the first portion of the essay, arguments are made, then conclusions are derived, keeping in view those arguments. You can say it is a type of research essay that clarifies the position on a very controversial issue and imposes to provide pieces of evidence in favour of that position.
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The General Structure of an Argumentative Essay

A bright and confident argumentative essay comprises four body parts, while credibility depends upon claims and supporting claims with solid pieces of evidence from reliable research materials and literary texts. It should be written in the following pattern:

  • Introductory Paragraph: The introduction must be attention-grabbing, strong enough to visualise your thesis statement, and prescribing valid background information to the reader. Make it interesting for the reader, and it should be concise to your topic as it is a short type of essay, so quickly get to point and grab the reader’s attention at first
  • The main Body Paragraph: Three significant arguments are described in this portion in the form of three paragraphs to support your claims in the thesis. Use more positive and confident examples to support your topic, always retain the topic, do not add irrelevant arguments. Always write an argumentative sentence in a way that clearly explains the objective and sense for each body paragraph
  • Counterargument Body: A counterargument is a type of statement that refuses your earlier statements and provides weight-age to an issue’s actual position. Always treat opposing views with courtesy and respect, mention counterarguments to your topic. Then explain well how these counterarguments do not hold up for your thesis topic. A well-structured argumentative essay always involves valid and sensible counterarguments besides these, an argumentative essay is incomplete in the structural sense
  • A persuasive conclusion: Always end up in compelling a conclusion very close to your arguments. Never add new information in this portion as it decreases the credibility of an argumentative essay. Explain the logic, credibility, and well-foundation of your thesis by stating how your pieces of evidence support your arguments. Use passionate and persuasive language to make your closing remarkable, as it is the portion of the essay that will leave a lasting impression of your essay. You have to make your reader consider your viewpoints and arguments


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